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UDC 338.534: 338.51


T. D. Pavlyuk




Background: Integral system of price formation that takes into account possible services and travel products available to consumers, defines methods of advertising prices, introduces complex commercial discounts, provides other strategic and tactical methods of regulation has been suggested as the basis for price formation in travel services. Aims and Objectives: To consider the characteristics of price formation in tourism, to analyze the pricing mechanism, to determine factors influencing this process, and to analyze the current pricing methods in market conditions. Methods: Logical and comparative analysis, method of grouping. Results: The article deals with the pricing process of tourist services in market conditions. Analysis of the pricing mechanism, factors and basic pricing methods in tourism has been carried out. Conclusion: The suggested price formation process allows to make possible choice approaches to pricing in traditional, and most importantly, non-traditional tourist services and, therefore, form an efficient pricing mechanism of the enterprise.

Keywords: pricing, price, methods of price formation, tourist activity.


Information about the authors:


Pavlyuk T. D.Postgraduate of Economic Cybernetics Department, Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.



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