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Publishing Policy

1. Collection of Research Papers ‘Economy. Management. Entrepreneurship’ publishes articles of post-graduate students, doctoral candidates, graduands and professors of East-Ukrainian Volodymyr Dal National University, other higher educational establishments of Ukraine and other countries. These research papers deal with new theoretical and practical results in the sphere of economy, management, entrepreneurship, economic security and education.

2. The collection of research papers ‘Economy. Management. Entrepreneurship’ includes articles under the new heading ‘Economic Security’.

Issues of economic security acquire utmost importance in economic and social conditions of modern Ukraine. Solution of many problems is closely connected with development and active research of Ukrainian scientific schools which are actively working, have received good results and have enriched knowledgebase in the sphere of economic security.

Volodymyr Dahl East-Ukrainian National University is renowned for its formidable achievements in formation of the new school of thought in the sphere of economic security of the enterprise and its researchers’ numerous publications on the theme. The University has experience of working with large enterprises having carried out some practical tasks posed by these enterprises. Thus there are grounds to suggest that the University scientific school in the sphere of economic security of the enterprise has achieved significant results: the whole complex of ideas, views and conceptions has been formed; harmonized approach to their interpretation has been developed; analytic models for acquiring information and teaching economic security of the enterprise have been developed; general and specific principles of organizing and functioning of the system of economic security of the enterprise have been established; general requirements for enhancing economic security of the enterprise have been determined. The results not only advanced the theory of economic security of the enterprise but also found their implementation in the practice of large metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine.

Publication of research papers on the theme gives researchers the opportunity to express their ideas, publicize the results of their research, suggest new ideas, highlight unsolved problems in economic security of the enterprise. This is to lead to a systematic approach to economic security of the enterprise which is the first step in the formation of the science of security of the enterprise.

3. Articles are published in the source language.

The Editorial Board respects the author’s standpoint and does not insist on English as the language of publication taking into account the fact that the purpose of the publication is to acquaint colleagues from other national research centers with the research results, and that Russian or Ukrainian is preferable in this situation. An abstract in English ( 5 000 or more printed characters) is given for each article, which gives the idea of the received research results.

4. Authors bear full responsibility for reliability of information, its sources, terms, names and quotations.

The source of information, which has been used, is to be indicated.

The author who failed to indicate the source of the borrowed information bears full responsibility.

5. The Editorial Board approves the contents of the current issue.

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