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Requirements to the articles submitted for publication in the scientific journal  "Economy. Management. Entrepreneurship” Volodymyr Dahl’s East Ukrainian National University


1.  Articles are published in the language of the original copy.

2.  The article is to be structured according to the requirements set out in Resolution of Presidium of State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of Ukraine № 7-05/1 of 15.01.2003 (problem, analysis of recent publications, aims and objectives, subject matter, conclusion). The article should not have grammatical mistakes and should be edited.

3.  The article should have an abstract in Russian, Ukrainian, English, full bibliography description and key words (font Arial Cyr №8) which is placed immediately before the text in a separate paragraph with 15 mm paragraph indention.


Abstracts are to be structured, with 100-150 words.

Abstract structure:

subject matter, aims and objectives;

research methods;

research results;



There should be five to seven key words or word combinations.

The abstract sample is given in Appendix A.


4.  The title of the article, author’s name, patronymic and surname are given in three languages.

5.  In a separate file there should be given information about the author (surname, name, patronymic, degree, place of work, position, contact telephone and mailing address for correspondence).

6.  Articles, accordingly formatted, are sent in an electronic format ( one line spacing, font Arial Cyr № 10, full justification in Word 97 and later versions for Windows 98 on a disk).

7.  For formatting and proof reading the original copy of the article is sent (one and a half line spacing, font Arial Cyr (Times New Roman) № 14, in Word 97 and later versions of Windows 98).

8.  The size of the article is 15 000 to 20 000 printed characters.

9.  Page margins (mm): top – 20; bottom – 65; left – 20; right -55; (no heading).

10.  Article structure:

   UDC index in the upper left-hand corner;

   article title in the centre;

   initials and surname of the author (authors) – on the right;


   key words;

   article text;


11.  Personal pronouns should be avoided in the text of the article. Measurements are in the decimal system. The article should be in one style (text, functions, variables, matrix-vector, numbers – font Arial Cyr, Greek letters and characters – Symbol).

12.  Equations and mathematical characters which are mentioned in the text should be only in equation editor Microsoft Equation 2.0 (and later versions). Each equation line is a separate object with the exception of systems of equations combined with a brace, and matrices. Font size: custom font size – №10; display type – №7; small type – №5; large symbol – №12; large symbol – №8.


Fat-type of symbols in equations should be the same as in the text except when it is necessary to high-light, for example, vector values. Equations are single-spaced from the text; the text is single- spaced from the equation. Equation numbering is in round brackets with right-margin justification.

Figures are given in black-and-white format (B/w) and in WMF (created in Word or saved in the correct format with obligatory grouping), or BMP or PCX in slides.

The figures should be clear, contrastive, without blotchiness and shading. Scanned figures should be edited and should comply with the requirements. The figure is placed after its reference in the text; it should be numbered and captioned.

Graphic material and tables should not go over the margins.

13.  Tables are created according to the requirements of the National Standard of Ukraine and are placed either in the text of the article or on separate pages in order of their reference in the text.

14.   Citations and their bibliography should comply with the National Standard of Ukraine. Citations are obligatory, their list is given at the end of the article. 12 to 15 sources are recommended.

The list of sources is given in the language of the cited source according to the operating requirements (Bulletin of State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles №5, 2009), in transliteration and in English, which is necessary for following citations.

The sample of cited sources in transliteration and in English is given in Appendix B.

It is recommended to follow uniform rules of transliteration to avoid differences in transliteration in Cyrillic and in Latin. Rules for transliteration of Ukrainian and Russian alphabet into Latin are given in Appendix C.

15.  Articles are included into Collected Works on the decision of the Editorial Board provided they have a critical review of a professional in the given field (Doctor of Economy). The text of the article may be edited without the author’s consent.

16.  The author is given a rough proof of the article. Changes in the makeup proof are not permitted with the exception of grammar mistakes. The rough proof of the article should be returned during two days after it has been received by the author.

17.  Manuscripts and discs are not returned as a rule.

18.  Contents of each Collection are approved by the Editorial Board.

19.  Requirements to articles are posted on website of Collection of Research Papers ‘Economics. Management. Entrepreneurship’ (www.eme2.ucoz.ua). Articles in electronic format are posted on the official site of the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine (www.nbuv.gov.ua).

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