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UDC 336.76


R. O. Mozgovoi




Background: Nowadays institutional management agents (IMA) are gaining ground as a new form of enterprise management. IMA are agents which are the legal entities specializing in the management of assets of mediated owners. Aims and Objectives: Investigation of types of IMA depending on the character of their activities. Methods: Comparative analysis and method of classification. Results: Depending on the character of their activities IMA can be divided into 3 main types: institutional investors, asset management companies and parent companies of associations of enterprises. Having investigated these three types of institutional management agents their general classification has been suggested. Conclusions: The proposed IMA classification is an instrument to enhance the perception of the essence of IMA, specifics of their activities and to further research institutional management agents as independent economic entities.

Key words: institutional management agents, institutional investors, assets management companies, association of enterprises, the parent company.


Information about the authors:


Mozgovoi R. O.Undergraduate, Management and Economic Security Department, Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University, Luhansk, Ukraine.




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