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Yermolaiev P. V.


Technology of planning of economic security of BREWING enterpriseS


Introduction: Problems of providing economic security of an enterprise have been caused by new economic conditions and require further research. Research of economic security of enterprises in different industries has its specific features. There is very little research of planning of economic security of brewing enterprises. Aims and Objectives: Providing theoretical basis for planning economic security of an enterprise. Methods: Scientific observation, logical analysis, comparative analysis. Results: Technology of planning of economic security of an enterprise has been developed. Technology of planning of economic security of an enterprise is a complex of administrative measures, aimed at achievement of economic security of an enterprise with the account of its functional constituents and competitiveness at the market at a given time. The order of realization of administrative measures is recurrently forward. Technology of planning of economic security of an enterprise implies a thorough research-analytical work and active socially-organizational activity. Conclusions: It is suggested carrying out planning of economic security of brewing enterprises using intuitional-rational methods such as the method of cognitive psychology (method of repertory grids) and calculation-structural method.

Key words: economic security, enterprise, brewing, technology, planning, method.



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Information about the authors:


Yermolaiev P.V. – Executive Director, Association of Ukrainian hopkeepers, Zhytomyr, Ukraine.


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