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Vakhlakova V. V.


The indicators of activity ecologization for an industrial enterprise


Introduction. Ecologization is proposed to be understood as the process of implantation of technological, managerial and legislative methods that allow to provide the creating the necessary production of the sufficient quality and in the right quantity while increasing the effectiveness of usage the natural resources and decreasing the anthropogenic pressure on the external environment. Ecologization as the process in the enterprise activity has result as the conditions of the process at the specific moment of time and some indicators. This fact allows to formulate the complex task: it is necessary to evaluate (or to describe) the result of ecologization and passing the process of ecologization. The first part of this task requires to define the aggregate of indicators that characterize the result of ecologization. Target: the primary formation of composition of indicators from the well-known ecologic and economic indicators to describe the result of ecologization of the enterprise activity. Methods: logical and comparative analysis, grouping. Results. The indicators of enterprise activity ecologization are divided into groups: indicators that characterize the production technologies; indicators that characterize the technologies of external environment protection and reconstruction of consumed resources; indicators that characterize the economy of enterprise activity ecologization. The indicators of enterprise activity ecologization that characterize the production technologies are divided in such groups: the indicators that characterize the technological process depending on its insalubrity for the external environment; the indicators that characterize the waste of production. The economical aspect of enterprise activity ecologization should be analyzed from the position of costs and losses of ecologization process. The specific feature of costs for enterprise activity ecologization is their low payback as the best variant. The costs for the enterprise activity ecologization are divided on investment (capital) and current. Conclusions. The existing ecological and economical indicators can not be used to characterize the results of enterprise activity ecologization and the parameters of such process. Their substantial lack is the presence of separated ecological and economical indicators.

Keywords: ecologization, result, process, indicator, parameter, costs



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Information about the authors:


Vakhlakova V. V. Assistant, Accounting and Auditing Department, Donbass state Technical University, Alchevsk, Luhansk region, Ukraine.

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