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Martynyuk V. P.


Economic security of higher schools in Ukraine: premises of evaluation


The topicality of problems of higher schools economic security is confirmed by the significant difficulties in the higher schools activity in the last decades. Such difficulties led to loss the sustainability by domestic higher schools, complication of activity conditions for domestic higher schools, increasing the competitiveness among them, increasing the demands of students, fast changes on labor market, strengthening the tendency of higher schools commercialization, their transformations to economic corporations. The aim of article is the consideration of principle premises to evaluate higher schools economic security in Ukraine. Results: Economic security of higher school is considered from the standpoint of resource and protective approaches – as the situation for higher school when there are enough resources to prevent and reduce the threats of higher school activity or to protect higher school against such threats. The opportunity to use the indicator method in the evaluation of Ukrainian higher schools economic security is considered. The advantages and restrictions of such method are shown. It is proved that indicator method can be used in the evaluating the economic security of higher schools, but after solving highlighted problems at all and concerning the higher schools especially. The advantages and restrictions of evaluating the economic security of higher schools in Ukraine using the aggregate of indicators of higher schools economic security are shown. The expediency of paying the attention to the one indicator of higher school economic security – the deficit of higher school budget (in percentage to its planned value) that can be calculated comparing the planned and actual value of higher school budget is shown. The problems of given scheme of evaluating the economic security of higher school, especially structuring the system of higher school economic security are defined.

Keywords: economic security, higher school, evaluation, premises, indicator, system.



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Information about the authors:


Martynyuk V. P. – Doctor of economic sciences, associate professor, head of department financial and economic security, Ternopil national economic university, Ternopil, Ukraine.


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