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Kaliuzhnyi V. V.




Introduction. Manufacturers are constantly developing and improving new innovation products in order to receive competitive advantages but very often these products are not in great demand. There is no definite explanation why this happens. Aims and Objectives. To prove with reasons that the need for new products is a constant, essential, historically determined component in developing any society. Methods. Logical analysis, critical analysis. Results. Basing on historical information about human progress it has been shown that scientific and technological advance leads to appearance of new needs and, as a consequence, to appearance of new products. Human needs are constantly growing, which results in development of new innovation products. Conclusion. The need for new knowledge and products is an essential feature of a human society at any given stage of its evolution so the demand for new products has always determined and will always determine the progress rate and level of well-being of modern society.

Key words: new products, failures, needs of society, priority, substantiation.



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Information about the authors:


Kaluzhniy V. V – Candidate of Technic Sciences, associated professor, Department of Project Management and Applied Statistics, Vladimir Dahl East Ukrainian National University, Luhansk, Ukraine.


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