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Fedorova O. V., Leiko C. A.


The tools of creation an enterprise strategy development


Introduction: Today a well-established point of view is the recognition of the development of the enterprise pledge of stable, successful and long-term functioning, which makes actual research the available instrumentation development strategy for the company. Aims and Objectives: Тo study the existing instrumentation development strategy, the approach to policy, to determine the possibility of their use in the formation of strategy of development of the enterprise. Methods: Monographic analysis. Results: The existing tools of development of the strategy, – methods, approaches and tools of development of the strategy. Conclusions: An approach to the development strategy of the company development are defined school, in the framework of which can be developed such a strategy, there is a list of the elements and the arguments of the content of the strategy of development of the enterprise.

Keywords: strategy, toolkit, development approach, a school, a model element argument.



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Information about the authors:


Fedorova O. V. – Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor, Management and economic security department, Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University, Luhansk, Ukraine.   alenasky@lds.net.ua

Leiko C. A. – Postgraduate, Management and economic security department, Dahl East Ukrainian National University, Luhansk, Ukraine.  deevakatya@gmail.com


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