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CONTENTS № 25 (ІI) / 2013



Shehda А. V., Onisenko Т. S.

Innovations and social and economic inequality


Taran-Lala E. N.

Adaptive-homeostatic indexes of normal system functioning


Klunko N. S.

Problem of adaptation of the companies of steel industry to modern market environment


Kaliuzhnyi V. V.

Society demands for new innovation products


Vakhlakova V. V.

The indicators of activity ecologization for an industrial enterprise


Ilchuk P. H.

Generalization and classification of theories of internationalization of enterprises


Kozarezenko L. V.

Usage of sovereign wealth accumulation funds for increasing the level of human potential development


Mann R. V.

Innovative aspects in the formation of a new model of regional government in Ukraine


Fedorova V. G.

Cluster approach to organization of industrial cooperation and possible options within the region


Dyakiv O. Ya.

Creative and innovative activity as a key factor in enterprise development


Kovalenko N. V., Mova O. V.

Theoretical aspects of the corporate culture and its impact on the Ukrainian enterprises labour potential


Vysochina M. V.

Development of methodological approach to evaluation of the quality of administrative decision making


Fedorova O. V., Leiko C. A.

The tools of creation an enterprise strategy development


Shcherbatiuk А. I.

Innovative labor in the life cycle innovation


Shekhovtsova K. V.

Instruments of research of reaction of enterprise are on avalanche-type processes


Trunina I. M.

The mechanism of providing the competitiveness of entrepreneurial activity: approaches to create


Gavrilenko V. А., Bychkova O. V.

Accounting in coal-mining enterprise ecological activity: complex approach to production


Svyatokho N. V.

Formalization of the process of forming the environmental management instruments of industrial enterprises


Biryukov O. V.

Innovative and innovative-active enterprises: common and differing features


Gubarev V. V.

Features, problems and prospects of formation of real property management in Ukraine


Gunchenko O. N., Vyshnevskyi D. A., Bykova Yu. S.

Definition of restrictions when you run theoretical studies by valuation of production risk


Martynyuk V. P.

Economic security of higher schools in Ukraine: premises of evaluation


Skrypko T. A., Vasyltsiv T. H.

Economic risks and threats investment and innovation activity of the subject small and medium enterprise


Ovcharenko Ye.I.

Purposefulness vs expediency pragmatics in management in system of economic security of the enterprise


Yermolaiev P. V.

Technology of planning of economic security of brewing enterprises


Khrystenko L. M.

Problematic issues in cost management of economic security of enterprises


Antonian О. A.

Unstructured information in the information-analytical support of the system of business economic security


Chorna O. Yu.

Ensuring economic security of enterprises of food industry


Ovcharenko Ye. I., Illyashenko S. V.

Theoretical bases of systemacity in the sphere of economic security of the enterprise


Burda I. Ya.

Personnel security of publishing-polygraphic enterprises: formation of personnel potential


Adamenko T. M.

Enterprise economic security systems: approaches of formation


Lyashenko A., Kryl Ya.

Personnel security in the system of economic security of enterprise


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