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Akymenko V.V. Management Mechanisms of Financial SELF-SUFFICIENCY OF the Region

UDC 332.12


V. V. Akymenko


Management Mechanisms of Financial SELF-SUFFICIENCY OF the Region


Background. Social and economic relations transformation which is taking place in Ukraine has stipulated the necessity of regional development priorities reconsideration and justification. In this connection, special attention should be focused on creation of motivational mechanism of financial resources management and provision of financial self-sufficiency of regional development. Aims and Objectives: Research of financial self-sufficiency of regional development which is characterized by financial resources mobilization system and ability to satisfy various current needs and create the financial basis for spacial reduction potential. Methods: Monographic and index methods, economy modeling method. Results: It has been proved that rational distribution of financial resources between state and local budgets in accordance with appropriate priorities is the necessary condition of regional management development. High level of state budget financial resources centralization has been justified. Thus, creation of opportunities for the support of modernization priorities for spacial systems and steady financing of their fixed socially-relevant expenditure commitments is the central goal of budget resources decentralization. Conclusion. The process of financial self-sufficiency mechanism creation should consider the necessity of regional management development through formation of steady local budget revenue base and division of powers between the center and the regions.

Keywords: management mechanisms, financial self-sufficiency, financial resources, local budgets, regional development.


Information about the authors:


Akymenko V. V.Deputy Head of State Tax Service in Chernihiv region, Chernihiv, Ukraine.




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