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Deeva K. Enterprise development strategy

UDC 338.262


K. Deeva


enterprise development strategy


Background: The necessity of an enterprise development for a sustainable and long-term existence in the market today is indisputable. Enterprise development should be strategic, hence the pressing issue of enterprise development strategy, which requires appropriate tools. Aims and Objectives: Development of tools for designing enterprise development strategy. Methods: Expert assessments and scenario analysis. Theoretical basis for the tools developed is system approach. Results: A set of tools which allows for the enterprise development strategy has been proposed. The strategy consists of seven unrelated elements, the content of which is determined by the state of the business and environmental conditions. Conclusions: The tools for designing the enterprise development strategy have been developed.

Keywords: design, elements, arguments, inhibitors, the development strategy of the enterprise.


Information about the authors:


Deeva К. – Postgraduate, Management and economic security Department, Volodimir Dal East Ukrainian National University, Luhansk, Ukraine.




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