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Kozachenko G.V., Kuzmenko O.M. Ecosecent explanatory basis: the principle approach to content

UDC 330.16+658.310.7


G. V. Kozachenko, O. M. Kuzmenko


Ecosecent explanatory basis: the principle approach to content


Article aim: consideration of the main approaches to making the explanatory basis of ecosecent. Research methods: structural-comparative analysis, causal analysis, morphological analysis. Main results: The essence of securitology, ecosestate, ecosecent is considered. The place of ecosestate in securitology is shown. The appointment and essence (the aggregate of theoretical thesis and instruments, laws and meaningful basis of explaining the researched subject field) of  ecosestate are considered. Its structure is proposed. It is shown, that ecosestate explanatory basis is the element of methodology basis and it makes the ontological and epistemological aspects. The category of "economical security” is shown as the fundamental category of ecosecent explanatory basis. It is shown that the essence of such category can be explained according to the approach of understanding and clarifying the economical security of economic activity subject (criminal, protective, resource-functional, harmonic, and market approaches). Such approaches generalization allows understanding the enterprise economic security as enterprise state or complex characteristic of enterprise activity conditions that are the result of the enterprise management. The expediency of expanding approaches to understanding the essence of "economic security” category essence is proved. It is proposed to use besides the main methodological approaches the concept, phenomenological, cybernetic, historical, hermeneutical, legislative-dogmatic and project approaches to understanding the essence of "economic security” category essence. The link of "economic security” notion with other notions and economical categories, which describe the enterprise activity and enterprise management (economic interests, adaptation, development, potential, competitiveness, enterprise reputation) is shown.

Keywords: economic security, securitology, ontological aspect, category, explanatory basis, approach, state, condition.


Information about the authors:


Kozachenko А. V.Doctor of science (economics), professor, Head of Management and Economic Security Department, Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University, Luhansk, Ukraine.



Kuzmenko O.M. – Candidate of Economic Sciences, assistant professor, Enterprise Economy Department, Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University, Kyiv, Ukraine.



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Category: Articles № 25 (I) / 2013 | Added by: EME (30.05.2013) | Author: G. V. Kozachenko, O. M. Kuzmenko
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