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Kozachenko А.V. The features of strategic management in integrated systems

UDC 331.108.2 : 65.9


А. V. Kozachenko


The features of strategic management in integrated systems


Article aim: features of strategic management in integrated systems (IS). Research methods: system approach, decomposition, analysis, synthesis. Main results: The notion of "integrated system” is considered. It is shown, that main strategy of integrated system displays the clear sequence of its behavior and actions. The content of such strategy is devoted to competitive advantages search. The basis of such strategy is the fundamental setting, that contents some priorities. The competitive strategy depends on these priorities and some identified rules. The development of common IS strategy can be provided with the making the complex of specific strategies – programs of its consistent perspective actions in some activity spheres or concerning some structural unit. The functional strategies are recognized as strategies that define the targets and tasks of IS and its structural units activity in some functional sphere. Resource strategies define the perspective activity of IS in supplying the structural units with the necessary resources. The notion of "criteria of forming the complex of specific strategies” in considered. The most wide-spread of such criteria – "the maximum of strategic decisions and linked operations localization in one specific strategy” and "complex of specific strategy” – are considered.

Keywords: integrated system, strategic management, main strategy, specific strategy, complex,


Information about the authors:


Kozachenko А. V.Doctor of science (economics), professor, Head of Management and Economic Security Department, Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University, Luhansk, Ukraine.




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Category: Articles № 25 (I) / 2013 | Added by: EME (30.05.2013) | Author: А. V. Kozachenko
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