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Ryashchenko V., Lubenchenko A.V., Lubenchenko О.Е. Work motivation system. comparison of European and third world countries experien

UDC 331.1


V. Ryashchenko, A.V. Lubenchenko, О.Е. Lubenchenko


Work motivation system. comparison of European and third world countries experience


Background: The article deals with a comparative analysis of motivation system in Ukraine and in Spain. Objective: Development of recommendations for improving the system of motivation in conditions of modern economy. Results: Analysis of the motivation mechanism has been carried out and the main criteria that affect productivity have been determined. Conclusion: For each worker there should be built a unique system of incentives with the account of personal qualities, availability of various resources in the organization, management style of the company and department. The effectiveness of the proposed methods can be determined only for a period of time. The research has shown that financial incentives are an effective motivational factor both in Ukraine and Spain. However, international experience suggests that the provision of social guarantees and non-material incentives makes it possible to apply them successfully to solve the problem of increasing efficiency of workers.

Key words: management, staff motivation, financial incentives, non-financial incentives, compensation package.



Information about the authors:

Ryashchenko V.Ph.D., assistant professor, Department of Management and Economiks, Information Systems Management Institute (ISMA), Riga, Latvia.



Lubenchenko A.V. Graduate of Institute of Management and Information Systems (ISMA), Riga, Latvia.


Lubenchenko О.Е.Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of Accounting and Auditing Department, Donbass State Technical University, Alchevsk, Ukraine.


 Full article


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