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Roskladka A.A. Controlling the process target in monitoring systems

UDC 658.5-047.36


A. A. Roskladka


Controlling the process target in monitoring systems


It is proved that no one real process is able to provide constantly the equal indictors of production quality and there should be some measure of approximation of process indicators to the ideal quantitative indicator, that is standard of process quality. The notions of "target value”, "nominal value” and "average value” of the process indicator are considered. The author understanding of such notions is shown. The examples of fundamentally different processes that show the meaning of terms "nominal value”, "average value”, "target value” and "target correction” are considered. Three methodic of process target correction are analyzed: using the individual values, using the combination of natural and individual limits, using the Taguti’s function of losses. By the results of their analysis the rule of calculating the allowed limits that provide the acceptable level of process reproducibility in maximal allowable costs is formulated.  

Keywords: monitoring, process target, nominal value of process, target correction, Taguti’s function of losses.


Information about the authors:

Roskladka A. A. candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, docent, PhD, Poltava University of Economics and Trade, Poltava, Ukraine. roskladka@gmail.com


Full article



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10. Roskladka A. A. Visnyk Skhidnoukrainskoho Natsionalnoho Universytetu imeni Volodymyra Dalia, 2011, No.2, pp. 256‑263.

Category: Articles № 24 (ІI) / 2012 | Added by: EME (18.01.2013) | Author: Roskladka A.A.
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