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UDC 332.021:331.101.26


A. Mikhalchenko




Introduction: In modern conditions education and health care system, the operation of which is different in each region of the country, has the most significant impact on quality of life, welfare, social and demographic development of regions and the country, on the level of human development. Оbjectives: Evaluation of educational and medical differentiation of regions and identifying the ways to overcome regional differences and  to improve human development. Results: In order to overcome regional differentiation and improve regional human development a set of measures which can be implemented at both the state and regional level has been suggested. Conclusion: Reducing regional disparities in education and medicine is an important prerequisite for the improvement of human development and an active factor in stabilizing the socio-economic development of the regions and the country as a whole.

Keywords: Regional Human Development, education level of the population, the level of enrollment, health status, morbidity.


Information about the authors:

Mikhalchenko A. – PhD of state administration, assistant professor of Economy of enterprises and management Department, Educational-scientific professionally-pedagogical institute of the Ukrainian engineer-pedagogical academy, Artemovsk, Ukraine.


Full article


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