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UDC 338.984 


A.N. Kolosov




Background: New conditions of functioning of enterprises in the modern market pose the managerial task of controlling and regulating their activity in order to oppose market fluctuations. This has called for the increasing number of attempts in the science and practice of management to form a modern theory of sustainability of enterprises. Aims and Objectives: Creation of a system of sustainability indicators as a tool for enterprise management in its different activities in a changing market environment. Methods Retrospective review of propositions to define and measure sustainability of enterprises, economic analysis and formalization of the system of sustainability indicators of an enterprise. Results: The system of indicators, which, firstly, determine the level of sustainability of enterprises in various areas of their interaction with the environment on a common measurement scale; secondly, reflect availability of reserves to maintain sustainability; and thirdly, can be used as a tool to manage sustainability of an enterprise has been created. Conclusion: The proposed system of sustainability indicators of the enterprise allows to practically use it in the management of enterprises through continuous monitoring of the state of sustainability in various activities of the company and prevent unauthorized fluctuation of indicators values of sustainability beyond set limits.

Key Words: enterprise, sustainability, influence of the environment, indicator, measurement, reserves of sustainability, management of sustainability.



Information about the authors:

Kolosov A.N.Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor of Management and Economic Security Department, Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University, Luhansk, Ukraine.


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