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Dunayev I.V. Kharkiv city as subject of business competition in conditions of postindustrial economy

UDC 339.926 : 352.07


I.V. Dunayev


Kharkiv city as subject of business competition in conditions of postindustrial economy


Background: Today the issue of competitiveness is of vital importance not only for the states, but also for their separate regions, which fact leads to the necessity of reviewing basic concepts of local regional development. Material production has reached such efficiency and scale that further increasing of output will not always lead to an expected economic effect. Aims and Objectives: to summarize and generalize principal ideas which are to become the basis for the new vision of innovation-oriented development of Kharkiv as a new cosmopolis emerging in Eastern Europe. Methods: induction, logical and comparative analysis, synthesis, integration and marketing approaches. Results: Perspectives of interconnected development and competitiveness of Kharkiv economy on foreign markets is represented as a model being developed at the following levels: European level, national level, regional level, local level in the form of Kharkov as an agglomeration. Conclusions: The expected transition of Kharkiv to post-industrial economy conditions is linked with the possibilities of its self-fulfillment in modern technology modes and in purposeful and complex development of industries.

Key words: Kharkiv, human capital, international positioning, sales markets, strategy of development, structure of economy, competitiveness.


Information about the authors:

Dunayev I.V. – candidate of science in public administration, assistant professor of Economic policy Department at Kharkiv regional institute of National academy of public administration by the President of Ukraine, Kharkiv, Ukraine.   divon1@gmail.com


Full article


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